Cyber Security Awareness Training

The greatest risk of cyber attacks to any organisation's computer systems is the staff that use them. No matter how secure a companies network is, if an unsuspecting staff member opens the door, then trouble is always waiting to come in.


HJB Security specialises in offering 'real world' cyber security awareness training for general computer users to highlight what and how things can happen, and make them aware just how important they are in the defence against cyber attacks.

Training Services

HJB's training is about getting all members of the organisation to realise their role in protecting the company and how important that role is. To truly make sure that point gets home HJB's training is designed to be delivered in person to groups of no more than 20. However in large organisations we are happy to give training to larger groups of people to get the message around the company faster or we are happy to provide remote training using online meeting software where on-site visits are not possible.

Cyber security training to small group
Online remote cyber secrity training via video conference
Cyber security training to conference group

Small Groups

Online Training

Large Conferences

What does the training entail?


We must stress our training is not 'technical' training, nor is there an exam or a certificate at the end of it. You don't really need much technical knowledge at all for our training and it is aimed at everyone in an organisation who uses a computer for their role. Our training is real world training for real world computer based staff of all levels.

Our training is designed to dispel the 'it will never happen to me' attitude and the 'our IT team protect us from viruses' misunderstanding, and then combine that with everyday tools to help protect your business from Cyber Attacks.


The critical part of our training, and what makes our training worth its investment over any other method, is truly getting staff to realise just how important they are at protecting the business, no matter what their role. It is about showing just how common attacks are becoming, showing just what does happen when attacks succeed, and then its about using relevant everyday examples for each team's working day to teach them how they can spot and stop many attacks.

Feel free to give Harry a call and he will happily explain everything about what HJB offers and how it can benefit you and your company. 


About HJB

Harry began to realise that the vast majority of these attacks could easily be stopped if staff were made a bit more aware and were shown some basic techniques of what to look for. He started to send out regular emails to customers and their staff and tried to educate anyone that would listen when providing one to one support.

Despite his best efforts, people weren't fully taking onboard what he was saying and problems were still occuring. Working with some of his regular customers Harry offered to do some formal training with groups of staff, and the results were immediate.

Harry decided that this was something he wanted to offer to any business, whether they be a regular IT customer or not, HJB Security was born.

HJB Security is the trading name of Harry Bull BSC, MBCS.

Harry started HJB Security during the first part of 2017 to run alongside his well established general IT support and consultancy business HJB IT

HJB IT started in 2010 and over the years Harry got increasingly concerned about the rising number of cyber threats to his customers. His position gave him lots of first hand experience of all kinds of attacks and the methods being used to try and get into the computer systems of businesses. 

Cyber security trainer